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Has it been more than 5 years since you looked for a job?

Do you think about updating your resume and just haven’t found the time to look at it?  Have you asked a friend who has a friend, who is a headhunter, recruiter or HR professional to look at your resume and give you some pointers?

Well unfortunately, the likelihood of you finding the position that you want without at least refreshing your resume and learning how to search and interview strategically in today’s market are severely limited.

The plans you have to gain support from friends and colleagues may not work unless they are in a position to hire you directly.

In 2019, your resume has to show impact.  No one wants to read the biography of a stranger.  Yes it should tell a story, but it should be a story that reflects successes that you can repeat with a new employer.

Writing a resume is not easy and from a headhunter or hiring manager’s perspective it is a means to an end.  They want to find a candidate or group of candidates that solves the problem that the hiring manager or organization needs to resolve.

A candidate that they can place in front of a hiring manager ASAP, which means they only have between 5 an 30 seconds to make a decision about your marketing collateralthe resume.

For this reason when I review a resume I tell clients, gone are the days of laundry lists of accomplishments or lifting your duties directly from your most recent job description.

Today’s resume must fit in the era of instant gratification and viral marketing; your resume must sell you quickly and clearly.   Although your resume is all about you – it cannot be merely a listing of your competencies and accomplishments.

Your resume must include a layout and language that distinguish you from other candidates.  It should clearly communicate your unique value and it should be strategic in its construction.

That means that you need to devote real time to either word-smithing and designing it yourself; or hiring a professional to help you construct a strategic document that gets you noticed and helps you to standout in 30 seconds or less.

If you’d like one-on-one support from someone that’s been hiring employees for over 2 decades, contact me and we’ll schedule a brief, free consultation to review your situation and goals and how I can support you.