You can't find a new job using old methods...

Let’s face it, times have changed and you’ve got to change with them to be marketable and find your next role.

Are  you a senior leader or manager who feels ignored in your job search?   Do you hear nothing after an initial interview or phone screen?

Does it feel like you’re getting pushed out by younger applicants instead of respected for your experience?

Well, you are not alone. What worked in the job market 5 years ago no longer works to get you the job you want in 2020. 


Unfortunately, by not knowing how to adjust to the changes, many highly qualified applicants are getting overlooked and left without work…for  years.


I’ve been in staffing and recruitment for the last decade watching the changes and who successfully adapts to them. 

I’ve seen people find their second and third dream careers–-and too many others give up completely. 

What  does it take to become a “magnet” for the job you want? 


Jump on my podcast and I’ll explain

You  don’t need to waste more time waiting to get called back.


Take advantage of the insights on my podcast to find the way to get the job you want.

Customers reviews

After only a couple coaching sessions with Andrea I began to realize an enormous impact on my work and my team. The coaching sessions enabled me with insights about my own leadership and where I need to improve.
Stéphane de Messières
I had the opportunity to attend Andrea’s Mastermind series and it enabled me to establish clarity and focus on my future life transition plans. One has to create space to enable the energy around that which you dream to happen. These coaching sessions helped create that space for me
Karen Klein
General Electric
One of the things I look for in a coach is the ability to listen. Andrea’s capacity to hear what I would call, “in between the words,” is key to not only her success, but to mine and anybody else she coaches. Thank you, Andrea, for listening “in between the words.”
Mari Winslow
Simple Girl, LLC

Are you a Senior Leader who is getting no traction with your resume?

Are Recruiters refusing to return your calls? 


Is your LinkedIn Profile not getting you found?


Is your resume standing between you and the career you want?

You're one step closer to landing your dream job.


Choose how you want me to help you

Business Coaching

Whether you’re a senior leader right now,  or you have that position on your radar, nothing compares to the raw  power and lasting impact of my Executive and Career coaching packages.

You’ll start to gain clarity and  confidence, while implementing fresh new perspectives on your career  path so you can reach those new plateaus with self-assurance, poise and  enthusiasm.

You have 3 exceptional coaching packages to choose from depending on your situation.


Executive Resumes

Your resume MUST be showcasing you in the  best possible light so you can stand out among other equally qualified  candidates. A winning executive resume has many moving parts, and is  only as good as its weakest word.

Chances are you could use another set of  eyes on this critical, potentially life-altering document. We can help  you optimize your resume, crafting your personal marketing strategy so  your unique brand jumps off the page.

When this happens, you’ll be that much closer to your desired position.

Inclusive Recruitment

From The Margins (FTM) is a boutique recruitment service that blends the best of individual recruitment initiatives with the dynamic exposure found in traditional search at a price point that a  nonprofit social justice organization will find easy to digest.

We offer you a diverse pool of candidates from day one and that diversity is based on who you are and what your organization needs to add value and equity among your unique team of colleagues!  For more information click below to schedule a free strategy session.


Need Advice?

 Andrea’s success story makes her keenly aware of what it takes to overcome the odds and create a successful career.

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