Comprehensive Career Coaching Package


  • Branded resume – (1) A one-hour strategy session to assess your skill’s, needs and career desires. Followed by a personally branded resume done for you.
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization – A co-branded LinkedIn profile, done for you to support your resume and add to your strategic job search.
  • Right Now! Strategic Interviewing techniques to help you garner results and build confidence, so that you can continue your search while your content is being created.
  • Strategic job search, to help you network, identify and land your next role using your new resume and LinkedIn profile.
  • Landing the Deal, closing the deal, getting an offer and onboarding successfully in your new role.

Think of the time you’ll save, not to mention the aggravation of not knowing what works and what doesn’t if you tried doing all of this yourself.

Now think about the fact that you’ve paid enough dues to know that you deserve to land your next successful role.

And after all the work you’ve already put in, you certainly don’t want to lose out to someone who has less experience just because they had a better search strategy.

So if you are serious about being paid what you’re truly worth and landing a position that matches your passion, then take action right now.

Let’s do this!


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