The Packages

This package is designed for the senior leader who has been trying to land their next role and is not getting the traction they need to succeed. If you are not getting beyond the interview gatekeepers or are just not landing with offers the way you did in the past, this package will help you step up into the job search space with confidence and build a brand that will land you in the role YOU want! 

This is a 90-day package that includes 1:1 strategic coaching sessions, hidden job search tips and tools, value proposition and personal brand development, as well as support in identifying your targeted roles and how to use your network effectively to engage with career opportunities.

Get Hired Now


Comprehensive Career Coaching Package


This package includes:

·         Branded resume – (1) A one-hour strategy session to assess your skills, needs and career desires.  Followed by a personally branded resume done for you.

·         LinkedIn Profile Optimization – A co-branded LinkedIn profile, done for you to support your resume and add to your strategic job search.

·         Right Now! Strategic Interviewing techniques to help you garner results and build confidence, so that you can continue your search while your content is being created.

·         Strategic job search, to help you network, identify and land your next role using your new resume and LinkedIn profile.

·         Landing the Deal, closing the deal, getting an offer and onboarding successfully in your new role.


Get Promoted Now


Comprehensive Executive Coaching Package

This package is designed for the next in line leader who is looking to move to the next level of their career. If you are a mid-level or senior level manager and looking for ways to get noticed, build executive presence and ultimately increase your visibility and get promoted, this package will help you create a strategic plan to build your brand and move you to the next level, feel valued and earn the compensation and value you deserve. This package will help you step up and lead with confidence in the role that YOU want!

This package includes :

  •  Creating your GOALS to reach the next level in your career which includes active coaching sessions on managing up, down and across your organization.

  • Right Now! Strategic leadership techniques that allow you to build your confidence and how you are seen by your boss and organizational leaders, as well as developing a mindset for success.

  •  Identifying and developing your executive/leadership presence which will move your more quickly from being viewed as a manager to being seen as a leader in your team or organization.

  • Landing the Promotion and charting your course through onboarding and leadership strategies.

This is a 3 – 6 month package that includes:

1:1 strategic coaching sessions, evaluative tools, 360 feedback methods, leadership tips and tools, and personal brand development, as well as support in identifying your leadership presence and how to develop your mindset to engage more effectively across your team, department and enterprise.

This package is provided in 5-week modules and can be done all at once or in pillars that will build on each other and enhance your skill set to move you forward one step at a time.


DIY Powerful Resume Kit


Do It Yourself Resume Package

This package includes all the support that you need to create your own power packed resume and LinkedIn profile.
  • Strategic Resume review to provide you with a redlined review of your resume document.
  • LinkedIn profile refresh to enable you to update your LinkedIn profile giving you all the pointers you need to ensure that the document is co-branded, effective and efficient to match your powerful resume.
  • Personal branding evaluation sheet to help you construct your resume and LinkedIn profile.
  • Resume Checklist to ensure you’re on the right path.
  • 3 live support Q&A meetings
  • Free Admission to 1 Group Career Achievement Webinar Series
  • Discounts for additional support and services.