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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a “Second Act”?

The Second Act  podcast is a place to embrace transition and prepare to take the next  step in your career or even in your life for that matter. 

The Second Act  Podcast was created to answer the question, “How do I get to the next  level?” If you are an entrepreneur, a wannapreneur, reinventrix, or  leading lady, the Second Act Podcast is a place the place for you.

The Second Act  Podcast creates a space for like-minded people to come together to  discuss what is happening now and how to get to where you want to  be…regardless of whether you are fearless today or working toward  being fearless with your future tomorrow. The Second Act Podcast is a  place to gather your kindling and spark the next step in your own  personal success.

Who do you interview on your podcast?

As an executive coach and leadership consultant, I am privileged to work  with many successful women all over the country. These women all have  brilliant and innovative stories of their personal success. And with  success also come hard knocks, hurdles and shifts in direction. They  continually inspire me and I knew that they would inspire you too. We  are all on a journey and need not do this alone. The Second Act Podcast  is a place to listen, share, be inspired and…TAKE ACTION! 

Is it too late for me?​

As long as you are breathing, there is time for you to recreate your  current reality and develop goals and objectives. By listening to the  podcasts you will find common ground among the women I speak with. There  will be opportunities to listen, learn and be inspired by my weekly  guests. 

Why did you start The Second Act Podcast?

I started the  Second Act Podcast to answer the request of many of my clients and  potential clients who needed help with what I call personal innovation.  They had worked in one field, but always dreamed about another. They  needed help to get to the next level or open the next door to their  success. These are young women redirecting their careers and mid-career  women to want to innovate and go in a new direction with their careers.

For some it was a  dramatic shift and for others it was simply getting what they needed to  move to the next level in their current industry.

Where would I even begin?

Take a moment to download the Second Act Podcast checklist.  This will help you to think about what you want to achieve and begin to  chart your journey of how to get there. It may feel daunting initially,  but your landing here is the first step.

The next step  involves believing in yourself then, putting pen to paper and I know  that you can do that! Begin at the beginning and once you get started  the ideas and options will certainly begin to flow.

What’s my next step?

It looks like by landing here you have already taken the first step! So, congratulations on your investment in yourself. Now download the checklist and  you will have an opportunity to listen to the podcast and be eligible  to win a free ½ hour strategy session on developing your second act.